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A Business Mentoring Group

Led by highly experienced entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Setting up the right environment for you and your business. 

There's an old saying that says, "You become who you hang around." 

And this statement is true. Take a closer look at the some of the top business owners in the world. 

Who do you think they hang out with? What kind of group do they normally mix in with? What kind of conversation are they constantly having? 

In order to be good in business, first you need to learn how to BUILD and MANAGE your business. 

NEXT, you NEED to get yourself into the RIGHT environment. An environment that where you can learn, share and empower one another. 

and here at the Business Club, that's what we do! 

Experience the Power of Mentoring

Our Business Club subscribers are able to take advantage of some of the benefits in the Mastermind Roundtable Group without breaking the bank

The MAIN aim for the Business Club is to ensure that this environment that constantly provides impeccable value through mentoring, sharing and empowering sessions.

The journey towards running a successful business requires more than just your own insight. You NEED a good support group.

That is why we've given so many thoughts when we started Business Club; constantly upgrading this platform to make sure everyone here are able to benefit from it.

As a member of the Business Club, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Be given access to the same practical proven templates, checklists and accounting tools used by accountants.
  • Attend regular fortnightly teaching and live support calls where I will show up to answer any business question your may have.
  • Receive support either through our Support Ticket or on our Closed Face Book Group.
  • Meet your accountant, armed with the right questions. Don’t waste their time (and your money)!
  • Get discounted access to the Equipped4Success Library
  • Save yourself time and money

"Patsy is one of those rare breed that combines the skills and knowledge of an accountant and the creativity of a marketing expert. It never ceases to amaze me that she is just as good at the usual accounting services in being able to read a legal document and understand what it really means to me as she is at helping me with the innovative and creative part of running my business. I have no doubt in my mind that without Patsy’s input and mentorship, Loan Hunter Australia would not have existed today. Being able to call on Patsy to bounce ideas off her and getting her viewpoint has been the key to the growth in my own business. If you are looking for someone to take on the role of a thinking partner for your business or you’re looking for a mentor for your business you must give Patsy a call. You will not regret it … I haven’t."

Sam Yoong
Managing Director, Loan Hunter Australia Pty Ltd

"[Patsy] is good at leading and inspiring people to act for the attainment of results as she is a great communicator and is at ease both working in a group environment or on a one-on-one ... She is quite a radical thinker and has demonstrated that she will often look beyond the obvious, searching for the new and unconventional, questioning the prevailing wisdom but always taking a pragmatic and common sense solution to problems. "

Gretchen Moreton
Chartered Accountant

"Her energy and leadership combined with her financial and business background gives her a unique blend of skills that is not found in many individuals ... Meeting and exceeding your expectations would be a priority for her. You will find that she will work very hard to breathe life into your big dreams – making her the ideal person to partner with you on your business and life journey."

Henriette Selch
Principal, Perth Natural Fertility

Less Than A Cup Of Coffee A Day!

Work out the sums for yourself … A partner in a respected accounting practice charges anywhere from $350 to $600 an hour. A weekly meeting with a business coach will cost you anywhere from $200 to $3,000 per session (depending on who you go to and how experienced they are). Save yourself just ONE trip to your hourly rate accountant and you would have paid for at least 6 months subscription to join this community. Get access to affordable coaching and mentorship at this crucial time in your business!

100% Guaranteed Risk Free

If after 7 days, you feel this membership is not for you, just contact Support and we will refund your monies in full – no questions asked.

You can cancel at anytime. You are NOT locked into a contract. If you cancel your subscription, you get to keep the templates and tools that you have already received but you will lose access to any new resources and the support calls.


You don’t have time to waste. Leverage what you are already doing and don't reinvent the wheel. No fluff. No gimmicks. Just plain practical hands-on tools you can use and experienced qualified Mentors and Entrepreneurs to help you grow your business.


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