Expand your understanding of the Bible

Build your confidence in understanding the Book That Changed The World


The primary challenge of wanting to understand –

Reading the Bible can be a challenge.

You may think you ought to read it, but you tried and got stuck.

Perhaps you found it didn’t make sense, seemed to contradict itself and there were definitely, too many long lists of names…and what am I supposed to make of that?

Or perhaps you were challenged because the Bible is a ‘faith’ book. Perhaps you felt you were being asked to check your brain at the door and you wanted to understand with rigour


Perhaps as a student of literature you have come across allusions to the Bible, or even worse missed them because you were not familiar with the source document.

Maybe it was Shakespeare or Jane Austen. Even books like HG Wells, War of the Worlds and the satirists, Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett have strong allusions to the Bible, just to name a very few.


I am a teacher who loves to learn and teach. I am also a husband of over 40 years, a dad, a grandfather and I'm passionate about helping you gain understanding and confidence.

Yes I also have other qualifications...

I have taught all over the world: in South America, the Pacific, Asia and Europe. 

I have studied widely and earned degrees in Literature, History, Theology and Education at Bachelor and master, Honours level. I have done further studies in Theology, Philosophy, Cross Cultural Studies, Leadership, Human Behaviour and Worldview and been mentored by amazing leaders. All of this helps me bring even more to you, what ever you age.

I have taught at schools and at tertiary institutions. Today, I am still a school teacher and love it...

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I have always loved learning but struggled because so often the studies were insular and disconnected

I was interested understanding the content, the connections and then the application of that to learning to life. I wanted an integrated and holistic world view that could stand so strong that I could know what I believed and why and live my life accordingly.

So I went on a journey of learning and now I share the things I've learned with others.

I have had the privilege to teach adults, teens and junior school in Australasia, the Pacific, South and North America, Europe and Africa in coffee shops, under palm trees, in huts and packed classrooms and lecture halls.

I talked with my students, asked lots of questions.

I taught them but also learned from them, from their insights, from their different cultural and social backgrounds.

My cross cultural experience, combined with the breadth of my cross discipline study of literature, bible, world view, history and philosophy, provides me with a unique perspective, which means I can help you see with new eyes, and understand with an expanded perspective.

My students, as a result of studying with me, again and again expressed:

  “I am confident now. I know what I believe and why I believe it. Thank you.”

Others thanked me for challenging them to grow and giving them a ‘world view’ not just a limited view.” Of the bible they said, “I don’t need to leave out all the hard parts now. I appreciate for the first time how it all fits together.”

Each has expressed in their own words that this is not an ending but a new and exciting beginning.

And they wanted to know how they could get this material and share it with their friends, family and organisations.

That is why I wrote this course for you...


It is the holistic, integration from study and experience as a learner and a teacher  that makes this course different.

It is also the intent and the intended audience. This course is equally appropriate for a person of the Christian faith who wants to understand more and learn from someone who holds that same faith, the honest critic who seeks to understand, and the student of literature.

This course will allow you to see the big picture which in turn provides a great foundation for further growth and study.

Yes, it will deal with complex issues.

Yes, it will make you think and challenge you but watch out because there is some really fun bits too.

You will feel proud of yourself when you complete this course having given it your best.

How do I know?

Because I have been teaching this course, or parts of it, for over 15 years face to face, on different continents with students from 15 years of age to over 70 years of age, and my students tell me how thankful they are for what they have learned and how proud they are of themselves for how far they have come.

There are no exams, this is about you gaining understanding and confidence.

Here's what I'm offering YOU in this course

Reading the Bible is structured to make learning fun and easy.

Reading the Bible has 9 Modules.

  • The Introduction  module gives you the tools to make the most of your time and maximise you learning and enjoyment.
  • Modules 1-9 take you through the Bible, beginning in Genesis and ending in Revelation.
  • A module has 2 or more lessons, which average at 20 minutes a lesson. You can do 1 lesson when you have just a short time and work your way through at your own pace.

The lessons cover core material providing the key understanding to reading the Bible in its parts and as a whole. 

Module 1 - Find Your Way

Module 2 - Kingdom of God in the Old Testament: Genesis to Moses

Module 3 - Kingdom of God in the Old Testament: Exodus of the Prophets

Module 4 - The Kingdom of God in the Monarchy and the Prophets

Module 5 - Jesus & the Kingdom of God

Module 6 - Sermon on the Mount

Module 7 - Kingdom in Real Life

Module 8 - Exploring Romans

Module 9 - The Final Books

A total of 9 modules prepared meticulously to help guide you through your bible reading journey


There is more!

I want to make sure you get the most out this course...

An online course is great but the personal touch is better.

You will also be a part of the Reading the Bible Community FB page for ongoing understanding encouragement and support.

As you go through the lessons, submit your questions in our FB community group and I'll answer them in my weekly Q&A sessions throughout the course period of 12 weeks.



If you need a course about fixing your plumbing then this course in NOT for you...

It is absolutely worth it, and right for you, if you are serious about life, understanding the Bible or literature.


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"Don't put a positive or negative on it - just get understanding..." 

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