This is the mastery course you need if you want to build your business the right way

Anyone can dream about becoming an entrepreneur, but not everyone will make it ESPECIALLY IF you don't have the RIGHT TOOLS and KNOWLEDGE.

This course is built to provide you with the SKILLS, TOOLS and KNOWLEDGE that you need to build a predictably profitable business. 


Why do you need this BUSINESS mastery course?

From my 40+ years experience (as an entrepreneur and a qualified accountant), I have found there are 3 main reasons why starting and running a business remains just a dream for most people.

Fear of failing

While anybody can start a business, in just about any area,  not everybody will do it right. You still want to make sure that you start a business that suits YOUR lifestyle, YOUR skills and YOUR passion. 

I cover this right up front in the first module of the course. You will learn how to discover for yourself what your dream business will look like. Learn how to start your own business - one that will be predictably profitable; a business that will not have to struggle through the feast and famine that many business owners go through.

Not sure WHERE to start

One of the most frequent reason cited by friends and colleagues who want to start a business but have not yet done so, is that they do not know WHERE to start. 

If you want to have a predictably profitable business you must know and apply sound principles together with proven tested strategies that work. You must follow the proven steps that others have taken before you.

The Business Mastery course will walk you through all that you need to know to successfully start and run your dream business.

Whose voice do you listen to

We live in a world where most of the information are free for you to grab. But not all information are created equal.   

Most business courses cover just one or two aspects of business - usually with a focus on marketing only. This is the ONLY course where you will learn everything you need to learn in the one place - from sales and marketing to operations, from starting a business to preparing your business for sale and from running your back office to leadership and human behaviour. Business made simple for you  - No fluff, practical hands on strategies.

Learn how to build a sustainable business

We want to do more that just teach you on how to start a business. We want to help you build and grow YOUR sustainable dream business.

The latest Bureau of Labour Statistics in the US  show that if you start a business today, in 5 years time you have a 50% chance that your business died. The failure rate is high.

Lack of knowledge and inexperience are two contributory factors. 

Starting a business is easy, the tough part is to maintain and grow your business. 

Join Business Mastery and learn how to bullet proof your business. Learn how to start your business the RIGHT way. Be mentored by an experienced entrepreneur and qualified Chartered Accountant. 


Here's what you'll get in the Business Mastery course

It’s a 6 week program where I cover the essential areas that you must know and the strategies that you must implement. All businesses must look after these 4 areas or your business will not be successful – SALES AND MARKETING, ADMINISTRATION, OPERATIONS AND LEADERSHIP. The 6 week program covers, not just Sales and Marketing, but also the operational side of the business. Great sales and marketing, without the other business pillars, will give you a business, but not a PREDICTABLY PROFITABLE business.

Module 1 - Business By Design 
Discover your passion.  Leverage your experience and skills by crafting the exact products, programs and services that people are queuing up to buy.  By understanding your strengths, stage of business and your goals, you can optimize your business by focusing on the best strategies for you and your business.

1. Know Yourself, know your why
2. Know your clients
3. Know Your business
4. Business Plan 
5. Understand What Your Journey will look like
6. Traps for the Unwary

Module 2 - Moving From Passion to Profit
Once you've identified your dream clients and the exact business you want, it’s time to move to implementation where I give you the step by step guide to starting a business or buying a business. This module alone is worth the price of the whole course as it includes templates and workpapers that your accountants charge an arm and a leg for.  We will reverse engineer you dream and ensure that your business is designed to fully support your desired lifestyle.

1. Selection strategy 
2. Work from ANYWHERE
3. How to start a business
4. How to research
5. How to buy a business 
6. How to do a due diligence
7. How to buy a franchise

Module 3 - Doing Business Online
Opting out of online business is not an option. Knowing how to use Facebook with your family is not the same as using Facebook to market your business. Accepting a Linkedin connection request does not constitute marketing on Linkedin.  Your Linkedin profile should not be an online resume. It’s more than that. When online business is done right, it’s like having a free sales manager marketing your business 24/7. Which online business strategies are right for you? Find out in this module as we take you through the various online platforms. We will show you, step by step, how you can set up your website without costing you tons of money. We will show you how to set up your Linkedin profile so that it acts as a beacon attracting your ideal customers to you. We have included a lesson on Cyber Security and how to stay safe on the internet.

1. Making money on the internet
2. Website essentials
3. Essential social media accounts
4. Digital Marketing
5. Outsourcing
6. Cyber Security

Module 4 - The Efficient Back Office
Business owners tend to undervalue the value of administration. It can be the difference between spending all your time putting out fires or being able to take that extended holiday from your business. Implement systems to take care of all the mundane and the stress. Design and implement a simple marketing system that consistently attracts new clients into your business, keep your clients coming back and becoming advocates for your business. Work with people you like and build that waiting-list. The efficient back office means that bookkeeping, tax and other legislative requirements are all taken care of seamlessly and with minimal requirement for your time.

1. Building a referral system
2. Record Keeping
3. Monitoring & Analytics
4. Understanding your figures
5. Staying Legal
6. Asset Protection
7. Your advisers 

Module 5 - Growing Your Business
You can choose to remain as a solopreneur or choose to build a bigger business, employing people or even to aim for a global business empire. It is a personal choice.  Taking on employees present its own set of problems that must be managed. Growth can be organic, through acquisition or mergers. Each come with its own challenges. Funding the growth, if not done right, can make or break a business. This module takes a deep dive into people management, growth strategies and the funding options available to you.

1. Solopreneur v Business
2. People Challenge
3. Growth Options 
4. Funding Growth
5. Going National
6. Going Global 

Module 6 - Pour Out the Margarita
When all is said and done, and it’s time to sit back and relax and enjoy the margaritas, we will work with you to implement a succession plan and maximise the value of your business. You only have 3 choices at this stage – walk away and get nothing for it, sell it to an external buyer or groom the next generation of your family to take over. We will work with you to work out the best option for you and implement the strategies to make it happen.

1. Success Test
2. Success strategies
3. The 4 Steps
4. Grow Yourself 
5. Grow Your Team 
6. Passing the baton
7. Where to from here

Graduation Bonus: 1-on-1 consultation on YOUR business with Patsy as well as ongoing support with live monthly online meetings and support via our Closed Facebook Group.

Get the Business Mastery Course

Why this business mastery course?

Because this is a great deal you don't want to miss!

We know that building a business takes time – that’s why you get lifetime access to our online training and the community support. As long as we run this program, you will be a part of it. You will get to attend the various alumni calls and training. You will be a part of this amazing group that makes Business Mastery so special to me. Never before has this type of training been done by a qualified Chartered Accountant and an experienced entrepreneur.

You don’t need an MBA to be able to do this. You don’t need to be a qualified Accountant. But you do need a willingness to work hard, and have an open mind. Some strategies I teach are counter-intuitive to what some would call “best practice’. It's only because they are strategies I have personally tried and tested (that were not considered ‘best practice’) but they work.

Most business courses teach only the first part – they teach you about how to find your niche and about having that burning desire … material from the teachings of Napolean Hill, the acknowledged leader in personal development. No other course offers this type of holistic training – where you’re trained, not just on the sales and marketing to grow your income, but also on the operations, administration and leadership areas that are essential to your being able to design a PREDICTABLY Profitable Business that actually fits your life.  

Of course, you can employ a CFO to handle this part of your business and not worry about it. A good CFO will set you back at least $150,000 a year. A good COO or General Manager will cost you the at least the same or more. A meeting with your accountant will easily cost you $300- $600 an hour. Same with a business consultant. I'm not telling you anything that you do not know already.

I used to charge my clients $5,000 - $10,000 for services provided using some of the tools and templates that I’m sharing with you here. What is 40 years of business proprietary knowledge worth to you?


I stand behind everything I offer you 100%. If you’re not fully satisfied or completely happy, you can request a refund within the first 30 days. Contact my team and me directly within the first 30 days and we’ll refund your money back. No Questions asked.

Who is this course for?

Wondering if this mastery course is something for you? Well, think no further, this course is definitely for you...

You are ready for Business Mastery if

  • You’ve never been in business before and you’re looking to start a business
  • You’ve been working for yourself and you’re ready to get off that thread mill and stop hustling and build a predictably profitable business.
  • You’re not sure what you should be focusing on to grow your business
  • You’re ready to escape from the feast and famine cycle and build a client referral system.
  • You’re ready to WORK and move from passion to profit.
  • You’re ready to be IN CONTROL of your life.

So really, it doesn’t matter if you’re an absolute beginner or a few years into your business – but if you’re not seeing the results you had hoped for by now, chances are you’re missing some fundamental pieces of the jigsaw.  If you’re ready for ACTION and you are ready to roll up your sleeves and learn some new skills and strategies, and implement them in your business, I can’t wait to help. Seeing someone take their dream and turn it into reality is what excites me the most!


"In recent years, Patsy has acted as a mentor for me. I recently started a new business and Patsy was extremely helpful in helping me to understand how to set the business up – not just with the accounting systems but also with the general procedures involved in running a business. It doesn’t matter what I’ve asked her to do. She is extremely patient and nothing is too difficult or too much trouble for her – she always makes the time. She is a true christian and she goes out of her way to be extremely helpful and to encourage people to achieve whatever their potential will allow them to and more! "

Nancy McKinnon
Managing Director, WA Pine Shavings Pty Ltd

"I have had the privilege of working with Patsy and also being on the receiving end of Patsy’s mentoring. As an accountant, Patsy’s practice was innovative and client-centric. Her passion and love for what she does comes through during our sessions together. She is good at leading and inspiring people to act for the attainment of results as she is a great communicator and is at ease both working in a group environment or on a one-on-one. "

Gretchen Moreton
Chartered Accountant

"Patsy is one of those rare breeds that combines the skills and knowledge of an accountant and the creativity of a marketing expert. It never ceases to amaze me that she is just as good at the usual accounting services in being able to read a legal document and understand what it really means to me as she is at helping me with the innovative and creative part of running my business. I have no doubt in my mind that without Patsy’s input and mentorship, Loan Hunter Australia would not have existed today."

Sam Yoong
Managing Director, Loan Hunter Australia Pty Ltd

"Patsy has always been very generous in sharing her resources and is very well read – particularly on leadership and marketing. Meeting and exceeding your expectations would be a priority for her. You will find that she will work very hard to breathe life into your big dreams – making her the ideal person to partner with you on your business and life journey. I have no hesitation in recommending Patsy if you or your organisation want to take yourselves to the next level."

Henriette Selch
Principal, Perth Natural Fertility

THE ultimate business mastery course for you

This is definitely the mastery course you NEED to build a successful business. We have done the hard part of filtering out the best method for you, now it's YOUR turn to take charge by getting on to our program. Be mentored by an experienced Entrepreneur and Chartered Accountant.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have other questions, please reach us at [email protected]

Business Mastery is a course that is developed by Patsy Lim. The course shares her proprietary information from over 40 years of business.

The main goal of this mastery course is to share the wealth of knowledge that Patsy has with those who want to start, run and grow their business. 

The course will take you on a journey from the time you start your business to preparing your business for sale. 

For more information about us, check out  our website at



Once you've purchased the content, the Business Mastery Course will be immediately available to you.

You get lifetime access to this course. Because there is so much information given to you, our content is drip fed at weekly intervals  to ensure that you get the maximum benefit and do not try to rush this.

There are a total of 6 modules, with over 40 lessons and detailed workbooks for each lesson in the Business Mastery Course. Each course is under a drip feed, meaning that it will be unlocked after a certain period of time. 

The main purpose of the drip feed setting is to help you pace yourself while you're doing the course. Some exercise takes more time and we hope that you'll take the time needed and not skip ahead.


The best answer I could give is - the more you put into this Mastery course, the more you’ll get OUT of it!

From experience, I've found that you’ll need about 2 hours to go through each multimedia training module including listening to the material and implementing the strategies into your business.

AND most of our students also spend a few hours a week co-working inside our community, connecting with new business BFFs, and joining my live open monthly teaching.

So if you really want to squeeze all the goodness out of this program, I recommend about 3-5 hours per module. That said - many of our students go through the program multiple times to go deeper into the material and get new clarity - so your lifetime access means you can never fall behind in Business Mastery.

If you're a first timer in doing an online course, don't worry! We've put all those worries into consideration.

The whole process is very simple. Once you've completed your payment you'll receive an email with information on how to access all of your courses and materials. 

Once you log in, you can get started RIGHT AWAY! That's right... no waiting around for new content to be released.

However, a reminder ... The Business Mastery course was intentionally designed so that you can complete training and accompanying implementation steps, in order. So while you can skip to any section (once the drip feed period is completed), you'll find that you will dramatically amplify your results if you build a solid foundation first. 

Thank you for choosing the Business Mastery Course 

Now all you need is to select your preferred plan, click on it and it will guide you to the payment page. I can't wait to start working with you!


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